Scrog Netting – How and When to Do it

Most of you must have heard of scrog netting or scrog trellising before. Similar to many of the other trellising mj techniques, scrogging makes the entire process easier and beneficial for the marijuana growers and cannabis growing. Scrog is abbreviation of Screen Of Grass.

The primary idea behind the scrog netting method is to make use of lights and bring the lower buds to the top where they are capable of producing higher yields. This new method has been around for a reasonable time now and has produced effective results even when the fluorescent lights were used.

Scrog trellising
The Scrog method is the most used because it helps marijuana plants have better performance.

What is Scrogging?

Marijuana growers are in search of something that can make their work easier and efficient. All that a grower wants is potent buds, high yields and bushy plants. One of the easiest ways to get your plants to be bushy as per your desires is making use of their space more effectively is called scrog trellising. Scrogging is a sort of training of plants. It involves a screen above canopy of plants and later tying growth from plants onto screen as time passes. You can also try making use of other methods along with scrogging to make it more beneficial. One of the things you can do is topping. Topping is a process that involves cutting the top of plant so as to force them to grow outwards instead of growing in the upward direction. As a result, you will see more branches growing and hence the plant becomes bushier. Scrogging ensures that each part of branch gets the maximum sunlight. This way you get the most efficient use of space.Why Scrogging?

Scrogging is the best option for growers living in area where growing marijuana is legal but that too in some limited amount. For instance, most of the states in USA let people grow only five plants or less. If you want to get the maximum weed out of your garden, not too many, scrogging is the best thing that can give you’re the maximum outcome. Nothing can match scrogging when it is about trellising mj in some limitations.

Marijuana plants
The Scroggins method is the best option that can be taken to increase the yield of the plants.

How to Scrog?

Scrog net is not only about setting the screen and start watching the marijuana grow. A bit of work is required and you need to take good care so that all the things go correct. One of the important things you need to do is to cut the top of colas as soon as the plant reaches a height of almost 10 inches. Doing so will encourage the plants to develop new branches that will please you in different ways. You will see a bushy plant with lots of marijuana. The best way to get new branches is to make sure that you wait for the branches to reach the top of screen. This is the point where the top of branches will be more poking through holes in screen. You need to take care of each and every branch of every plant and make sure that horizontal growth should continue. You can simply bend the branches with some wire.When to Scrog?

If you will let your plants grow vertically, a time will come when you will not have any other space. Scrog net will train your plants to grow horizontally so that you get a better yield and canopy later.  Cutting the top branches as soon as the start hitting the scrog net will result in thicker plants. It will give more boost to top colas as none of the energy will be wasted on growth of unnecessary buds.

Scrog netting
The consequence of letting the plants grow vertically is that there will not be much space but this can be avoided by making the plants grow horizontally with the scrog method.

Tucking is the process in which you take the branches out of a hole in screen and place them in another hole that is away from base plant. Great care is required in this step as any breakage will result in a lesser growth of plant. Some of the growers go for adjustable scrog nets so that they can raise the height in case the growth is too rapid or abundant. It is of huge importance if you are willing to keep plants in vegetative state for as much longer period of time as possible.

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